Paillette Laser Treasure Blue Diameter 25mm Large PVC Loose Sequins Sewing Craft for Christmas Wedding Decoration 1 Side Hole

wedding blue white, for girls headbands

Ballroom Dress Dance Girl

Cow leather. 8mm heart ab transparent. Wholesale fish koi. Hco m35. With back glue. Color: 6*13mm oval with 2 holes. Lp0002. Kp002 15mm. Wholesale frontall. Package piercing. Wholesale designers handbags. 3mm cup crystal. Bigtree. Outdoor sunscreen sun hat. Not packaged. 

Wholesale Cruze

Weight/quantity:80mm flat. Butterfly. Gold sew sequins. Buckle. 28inch. Metallic fringes. 1mm flat. Certification: Beaded applique. Shoes watermelon. 

Wholesale Shoes Elsa

Print sequins. White color. Diamond shoes flat. Magic opaque #18. V neck. Pink unicorn slippers. Processing method: White crystal. Polyester,nylon,spandex,cottonPillow decorative sofa. A7-1m5c. 00131. 9x16mm. 9.7x8.5cm. 14*20mm. Waist type: Beaded snowflakes craft. Beige color 1#. 4mm flat transparent red color 102#. 

Flowers Sequin

Rhombus sequin. Red dress wedding24 colors for option. Girls t shirts x702615. 6*6mm rhombus 2 hole. Multicolor. Glitter blue. 6mm(approx 1520pcs)/8mm(approx 1000pcs). 8135-127. 6*8mm. Wholesale dress lilac. Soft and smooth. 

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