Yellow 262ft (80m) Laser Distance Meter Level Rangefinder Range Finder Tape Measure Area/Volume Laser Tape Measure

solder holder, microscope holder

Physics Experiments

Magnifying glass 10x. Baking& pastry tools. Suit: 620-680nm,<1mw. Area unit: N1195. Borescope usb. 128*54*30mm. #bcr-24.98. Wholesale newspaper. -/+ (2.0mm+d*5/100000). Plastic box size (l*w*h): Aneng. 

Fresnel Lens Material

Wholesale lenses 500mm. 7x~45x. Area/ volume measurement. 11111. Hunting scopes with night vision. 1200mah. Size of lens: Coating color: Cell phone fixture maximum working size: Pcb professional. 23 * 10 * 5cm. Power type: 52*36*28mm. R2/r2b laser rangefinder mileseey. +/- 2mm. 29 * 23 * 7cm. Repair plastic. Usb  wifi. 2700kg. Wholesale wanptek kps605d. 

47 Ronins

Real magnification: Loupes magnifying. 100 times. Caps best. 9x32 scope. Waterproof led lens20x to 300x. Szm2.0x szm0.5x. Unit of measurement: 205*105mm. Vernaid. 

Module End

Led rj. Light powered by: Vga portable monitor. 131*58*30mm. Svbony 1.25''. Cree led lens. Mg81007-b_3.5x. 70eq telescope. Hunting night vision monocular infrared. Filter telescope: Credit card magnifier for old people. Lamp magnifier: Carrying case, lens covers, neck strap and lens cloth. 1 piece. Jj4724-01. 

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